Iowa artist who does temp henna (mehndi) tattoos

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Our photo when we did Artfest Midwest 2012: 


Nameste and my name is Divya. I am a professional henna artist in the state of Iowa. I have been doing this since 1997. It started off for fun. As my friends and family learned of my new love, they hired me for their weddings and other events. One thing lead into another and here I am doing what I love the most.


I sell more than just henna tattoos for weddings. I do all kinds of events big and small. I have a long list of places I have been and have been trying to keep up on the blog as to the places. I stopped working for a few years when my son was born but now I am back and in full swing. I do Ren faires, art shows, and craft shows too. The biggest thing is that I have added more products to my line. I do custom shirts and am working on henna candles. As well as using my henna designs on all kinds of things.

Please take a moment to check out my website. I keep adding new stuff all the time. Check out my store, blog and photos. Bookings can taken up to a year in advance. April to Oct are my most busy months so the sooner you can book a day in those months the better. Everything is first come and first serve in those months. Downpayments may be required in those months to ensure your day. Payments can be made via cash or credit cards and paid at the end of the service. Please let me know if you will be paying via credit card so I can bring my card reader.

I can travel anywhere with a small fee. Iowa, Neb, Minnesota, Missouri, IL, and more.



This made us laugh and we had to share it cause it is true!

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